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Product Functional Overview


Business Function
 Track, manage, monitor and control mobile assists GeoXFleet™
 Maximise fleet utilisation
 Reduce idle time
 Real time access to vehicle location
 Optimise order scheduling
 Improve operational effectiveness
 Administrative management of mobile assets GeoXTrucks™  Greater control over fleet
 Reduced maintenance costs
 Accurate and timely service schedules
 Efficient scheduling, routing and optimisation of all mobile assets GeoXRoute™  Journey optimisation
 Reduced fuel costs
 Improved customer service

 Remote management and visualisation of Mobile Assets
 Remote access to universal message inbox of GeoXSMS and GeoXmChat


 24 x 7 access to status of deliveries and truck locations
 Anytime anywhere access to mobile asset status information
 Anytime anywhere access to messages sent by mobile workforce to head office and also messages sent by office users to mobile workforce

 Quick and efficient response to order processing and delivery
 Offline and online synchronisation of orders and delivery information
 Electronic signature capture

 Reduced telecom costs
 Improved customer service
 Improved information flow between head office and mobile workforce
 Reduced paperwork
Real time access to price and account data by mobile workforce and real-time updating of new orders GeoXmOrder™  Shorten order-delivery cycle
 Improved service levels
 Real-time updating and input of orders
 Reduced administrative errors and costs
 Confirmation of delivery and creation of new delivery assignments by mobile workforce GeoXmDelivery™  Shortens delivery and billing cycle
 Electronic confirmation of proof of delivery
 Reduced telecom costs
 Greater customer service

 Messages exchanged instantly internally across an organisation in secure and seamless manner
 Creation of distribution lists

GeoXChat™  Centralised administrative control
 Message status e.g. read not read etc
 Display login status of all users
 Relaying of important delivery and operation critical data to mobile workforce in timely, cost effective and secure manner


 Reduced telecom costs
 Improved operational efficiencies
 Improved information flow between mobile worker and base
 Streamlined despatch and delivery processes

 Facilitation of easy and seamless integration with in-house and legacy systems GeoXLink™  Deployment of GeoXfere solutions made easier
 No need by customers to replace legacy systems
 Cost effective tracking solution without requirement for expensive investment in software and hardware GeoXWeb™Services  No installation, hardware or software costs
 Pay only as you use the service
 Real-time access to location and status of trucks
 Greater control over Fleet