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GeoXmOrder™ is GeoXfere’s wireless order management application that enables the mobile workforce to quickly, accurately and efficiently process customer orders while on the road. It is an innovative, easy to use application, with rapid transaction response times that can be run on any handheld device (PDA, Laptop, tablet PC etc).

GeoXmOrder™ places orders in real time and allows users to query pricing and/or inventory information while simultaneously generating customer quotes. Template order forms can be customised to suit specific companies and/or user functions. Information such as account balances, terms, credit limits of customers can be accessed in real time by users of the application.

GeoXmOrder™ through standardized interfaces can be integrated with any in-house order entry, shipment or billing management system. All orders are inputted via easy to use graphical user interface and sent in real time via telecommunications network (GPRS/GSM) to your company’s database for processing. The orders can also be stored locally on the PDA and can be synchronized by drivers on return to base.


  • Easy to use graphical user interface
  • Real-time or offline synchronization
  • Real-time query capability of prices and Inventory information
  • Cross platform support
  • Automated order process
  • Database independent
  • Template order forms
  • Order status information


  • Shorten order and delivery lifecycle
  • Improve service levels
  • Improve frequency and accuracy of orders
  • Improve customer responsiveness
  • Reduction in administrative workload and overheads
  • Eliminate order entry errors
  • Immediate access to up to date information(delivery schedules, stock levels, etc) for drivers and mobile workforce
  • Anytime anywhere access to order management functions and information