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GeoXBerry™ is the GeoXfere’s solution for people monitoring and tracking. The idea is to to track a person that holds a phone with built-in GPS.

In today’s world, most people carry a mobile phone, and in business is a must. In many companies most of the work force not only holds a cellular, but also is working out of the office. In most cases, people location is needed for an effective management. Today’s technology allows it with a very accurate precision.

GeoXfere has developed a suite of applications that help customers to manage all this information in a simple and efficient way and from many different devices, which are provided depending on the customer’s needs.

Blackberry technology is the top in the professional market. It allows companies to provide email to employees almost anywhere. GeoXFere uses Blackberries with Gps built-in technology in order to get geo-located company’s employees.

What is GeoXFere offering is not only a very sophisticated algorithm that optimizes battery and records all possible events on the device, but also a very intelligent and automatised task management in the back-end, in the way that the company can get very effective profit of the product from the day one of implantation.

GeoXFere also developed the software for other devices/platforms such us Windows Mobile, Symbian, Nokia, etc.

In any case GeoXFere also can integrate industrial devices which allows to keep longer battery, no keyboard, incidence buttons, etc.

The final target is to see if the person who holds the device is doing what he/she has to do and where he has to do it. GeoXFere provides tools and software services that automatises the monitoring of such tasks, keeping the manager informed of behaviour of the work force. For example: time of the visits, which visits have being done or undone, time between visits, etc.


  • Gps Location for many kind of devices: Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Nokia, etc.

  • Great performance with blackberry devices

  • Integration of industrial devices

  • Automatic task/visits management

  • Web management

  • Rich & powerful desk application management

  • Hosting services


  • Controls the position of the people

  • Improves work and efficiency of all of them

  • Helps on the people’s management

  • Automatises management of tasks and visits

  • Easy and unexpensive solution, that integrates with a phone that already exists on the company