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Mobile Enterprise Solutions

GeoXfere’s Mobile Enterprise Solutions perform the front end business functions associated with day to day operations activities of companies whose business involves the efficient management and communication between the mobile workforce and the office in ensuring that customer service is maintained to the highest level. The mobile workforce need all of the operational efficiencies of the office brought to them while on the road.

An example of a typical deployment is where a regional sales force requires instant access to customer account data or need to update real-time new orders from clients while on the road. Other business scenarios include Transport companies who need to track and monitor their fleet of trucks and to allow drivers to relay back information to head office on the current status of delivery e.g. delivered, not delivered, returned etc.

Other typical applications include the use by Field Service Engineers to capture customer signatures to confirm delivery or proof of service etc. Geoxfere MES enable this to be done electronically and for this information to be updated in real time with backend accounting, order and delivery systems.

GeoXfere Mobile Enterprise Solutions include the following:

  • GeoXmOrder™
  • GeoXmDelivery™
  • GeoXmChat™