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GeoXServer™ is the core platform for all of GeoXfere’s Business Management and Mobile Enterprise Solutions. It is an integrated server based application that is based on a modular, component based design architecture that can be integrated with other modules such as vehicle tracking, mapping, sales order management and delivery management applications. GeoXfere software applications were designed and implemented using a common architecture across its product portfolio. This resilient, open and extensible architecture lends itself to the provision of scalable, robust and flexible applications that form part of GeoXfere’s product suite. Administration of server processes is made easy by the use of GeoXManager™, a process administration tool, designed to control and coordinate all relevant server processes through a simple to use graphical user interface GeoXManager™ will allow for remote management and administration of the GeoXServer processes and enable access from any geographic location.

GeoXServer™ is the middleware that interfaces to all other GeoXfere applications and also can be configured to communicate seamlessly with other warehouse management, fleet management, route management, CRM, order management and billing systems.


• Technology agnostic: network and hardware independent
• Modular design: can be tailored to specific customer requirements and its open extensible architecture facilitates plug and play functionality
• Multi-platform support: GeoXServer can be run on any Operating System such as Linux, Unix, SunOS, Windows
• Scalable and distributable architecture
• Automatic installation of updates
• User Management: each user accessing GeoXServer™ client applications will be assigned specific user profiles that allow him/her to have access to certain features depending on user access privileges
• Multi-user access
• Uses latest security and encryption technology

• Real time management; this ensures that all data sent, received and processed is the latest and that all data is consistent, accurate and authentic.