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GeoXMessage™ is GeoXfere’s unified enterprise messaging solution. It allows users to conveniently and swiftly compile and send messages from office PC’s to mobile phones. GeoXMessage™ is composed of two distinct modules, namely GeoXSMS™ and GeoXmChat™. Both applications use the same easy to use interface, and depending on which communication medium the user wants to send the message (GSM for GeoXSMS™ or GPRS for GeoXmChat™) a message can be compiled and sent to a single or grouped set of mobile phone users.

All messages are stored in a centralised Inbox that is accessed by all client users of the system. The acknowledged state of message is colour coded to allow users see which messages are yet to be acted upon, also message filters can be applied to assist users in dealing with messages using specific criteria e.g. messages from driver A etc.

All messages sent status is indicated in interface so users know which messages have been sent and received or which ones have been sent but not received.

GeoXMessage™ negates the need for phone calls that can result in substantial savings in telecom costs.

GeoXMessage™ is composed of the following two modules:

  • GeoXChat™
  • GeoXSMS™