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Geoxbicomm is geoxfere’s business intelligence solution for the industry. The idea is to get as much as possible return on investment of the software installed on the company. Geoxfere knows that GPs systems and similar generate millions of rows of data constanlty, hence it is a new database system on the company. A simple reporting-based system is not enough to get all available data, because it is very difficult or simple takes a lot of time. Geoxfere implements Business Intelligence system in order to help customers to organise and consolidate their available databases: GPS and telemetric analysis, costs analysis, people and assets profitability, pricing policy, etc. The trick is the ability to generate proper indicators and set-up alarms based on important critical situations. In conclusion, the integration of new systems provided by GEOXFERE, with others that may be already in the company is easily possible from the point of view of data extraction, analisys, reporting and notification.